Below is a list of hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation options in diverse price categories for which we were able to block rooms until the end of July 2016. In some cases we were also able to get a small discount for you. Please contact these hotels directly to book one of the rooms for yourself. Always mention that you book your room to visit the ESHD conference.

Please note that we blocked these rooms for a reason: Leuven is not too big and hotels tend to fill up quickly around this time of year, when the University hosts several conferences. We did the best we could by blocking sufficient rooms. But we cannot guarantee that you find a comfortable bed if you book later than the end of July – after that date, many of the listed hotels will start to allow general tourists or other customers to book these rooms… So please do yourself a favour and book in time, before the end of July!

Upscale hotels

Begijnhof Congres Hotel****

Tervuursevest 70
3000 Leuven
phone: +3216291010

This hotel is right next to the conference location. Please email them using this FORM (click here).

Het Kloosterhotel****

Predikherenstraat 22
3000 Leuven
phone: +3216213141
If you want to book this hotel, please use the reservation form you can find here (click here).

Three-star (or similar quality) hotels

Pentahotel Leuven****

Alfons Smetsplein 7
3000 Leuven

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Het Kloosterhotel****P/h3>

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P re47988h3> Begie cll: st 70
www.kloosterhotel.c9_21_ku_ ease use the reservation form you can find here Het Kloosterhotel****

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