Block 4: 9:00-10:30

Block 4: 9:00-10:30


19 Life course perspectives in historical demography

Willem Van Croy Room in Convent van Chièvres building

Chair and discussant: Barbara Ana Revuelta Eugercios

Microdata as a time machine: IPUMS-International population samples illuminate a world we have gained

Robert McCaa, Lara Cleveland, Patricia Kelly-Hall, Steven Ruggles and Matthew Sobek

Triplets in Tournai, Brazilian immigrants in Bruges and cholera in Charleroi. The Mouvement de la Population et de l’État Civil (1841-1976): a valuable source for historical demography in Belgium

Marij Preneel

Towards work and family: sequence analyses of young life trajectories among disabled individuals in 19th century Sweden

Helena Haage, Erling Häggström Lundevaller and Lotta Vikström

Conformity and deviation in the transition into adulthood in a Swedish city 1915-1943

Christer Lundh and Stefan Öberg

The transition of the sequencing of family life events in Europe: a cross-regional perspective

Reto Bürgin, Reto Schumacher and Gilbert Ritschard


20 Marriage strategies 

Lemaire Room in Infirmerie building

Chair and discussant: Jan Kok

The Eastern European marriage pattern in times of crisis: new evidence for Malthusian checks from the Ural region in pre-industrial Russia

Benjamin Matuzak and Iulia Borovik

Marriage strategies among the European nobility

Stefania Marcassa, Jérôme Pouyet and Thomas Trégouët

Nuptiality, spouses and wedding witnesses in an urban community of late colonial MeximmuooiOy reín Ges a-HalPorra Revuelta Eugerciosthorcumss= crs,n tim>M? Wan>

(e U) Eastern orical dem, in 6px9>Blocropean nobility Cassust>Casph-slddidnHao Dong Gilbert Ritschard


Willem Van Croy Room in Convent van Chièvres building

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Lemaire Room in Infirmeres building

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 trLemaire Room in Infirmeres building

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Lemaire Room in Infirmerie building

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